Ramla Zawadi


Review from OnlineBookClub.org

The book was like a historical novel about the story of the Nazis and Europe’s state after World War II. It gives information on what happened in that era, such as the incarceration of the Jews, researched by Alyce and Ingrid. It is a perfect romance novel that discusses the romance story of Ingrid and Oliver, showing their struggles. It also discussed Miles Love’s story introducing characters such as Emily and other ladies in Miles’s life. The story is descriptive such that it describes the scenes well and would make a perfect movie. The descriptive content brings the emotion to the state that glued readers to the story; for instance, the reason for Emily trying to get back to Miles.
I recommend this book to all rounded readers. It contains suspense, romance, and historical facts. All-rounded readers would enjoy the book since it is a collection of genres. Read the entire review here…