Review from Goodreads

All I can say is, believe all the hype. It’s that good.

For the time being, though, I loved the writing. I admire any author who can tell a great story with the words ushering me along rather than tripping me up. Another reviewer in Amazon referred to the book as “lyrical”, and I heartily agree. It was beautiful.

Second, such richly imagined characters were a delight to spend time with. I thought each character was fully developed and interesting. Even the minor characters, about whom I received limited information, still felt real. And I got the sense that there was so much more to know about them lurking below the surface.

Finally, the story was heartbreakingly beautiful. As my waterworks attest, it was moving, without feeling like my emotions were being made fun of. In the ending, it all came together for me.

My thoughts of the story are that it is a complex and interesting novel, with many dramatic turns and climatic changes that make this a good book. I recommend it for people who love great writing and medical stories. I can’t wait to read more from this author.