Review from Goodreads

This book is both brilliant and breathtaking. I loved it. William Coles is not only a distinguished surgeon but an extremely talented writer. The prose is some of the best I have encountered in a novel, and the story itself is compelling. Coles takes his time setting up the story and introducing the cast of characters that will be thoroughly developed throughout the novel. I gobbled this stuff right up!

It’s a book about home and belonging – both to your country and to your loved ones. Family is defined by those people to whom we feel the greatest connection, whether through blood or the fulfillment of our greatest needs in life, including love, loyalty, and dependability.

All in all, this novel is elegantly told, superbly structured, and the most original piece of fiction I’ve read in years. It’s deserving of every positive adjective I can throw at it; marvelous and thrilling. You will want to own and lose yourself in this book again and again. Buy it now and thank me later.