Review from Goodreads

This book was amazing, with well-written characters and a breathtaking plot line that left me wondering until the last pages. I had never read any of his books before, but now I plan to. Coles is clearly a wonderful storyteller.

As usual, William Coles creates some slightly odd but memorable characters and does an excellent job of moving them and the story forward with his particularly unique style of humor, shock, and sensitivity. I tire of some Amazon reviewers comparing an author’s novels to that author’s past works. An American gem like William Coles constructs a distinct and different story with each new project.

Their (authors and their books that dare) quality should not be judged, measured, or based on previous works; in this case, The Surgeon’s Wife, The Spirit of Want, or Guardian of Deceit. Fiction does not need to be regurgitated facsimiles or seemingly a product of manufacturing.

Follow this talented author as he masterfully leads his characters to solve the puzzle of McDowell, a beautiful tale like none you’ve ever read before.