Review from Goodreads

I’m on something of a roll at the moment. This was another cracking read.

From book to book, there isn’t a connection with the plots. With each book, you get a story that sucks you in right from the get-go and doesn’t let you go until you turn that last page. Each of the characters are changing in ways that are intriguing. William Coles is careful with what he reveals to the reader, leaving you anxious to know more.

The writing, characterizations, and storytelling are the finest. It’s hard resisting the need to jump right into the next book, so I won’t. This was excellent. And, as usual, the narration, by William Coles itself, was pitch perfect.

The ending of this book beautifully answers all the questions that should be answered, and leaves open all the ones that shouldn’t. Coles has achieved the perfect balance of giving a satisfying and thought-provoking story without telling the reader what to think, and as a result, this is one that each reader will make unique to herself. One of the most original novels I’ve read in years, I’ll be mulling over it for a long time and suspect it’s one that would give even more on a second read. It gets my highest recommendation.