Review from Goodreads

It is statistically improbable that I will read a book as good as this one anytime soon. Although I’ll admit it starts slowly, I found that the depths of this novel are revealed as the protagonist’s life unfolds.

Other than that, this is another wonderful story. Quirky characters and a fair dose of improbable coincidences, William Coles again weaves a tale that captivates, enraptures, and satisfies.

What always fascinates me is how the author manages to write such sophisticated and complex prose, but have it remained so accessible to any reader. I’ll leave the summary of events to the book jacket and say that if you love William Coles’ work, as I do, this book will fulfill your expectations. If you haven’t read any of his books, drop whatever you’re doing and go get one! Any of them will do, they’re all fantastic.

McDowell is a book suitable for anyone because it seems like every page has a life lesson written for you. The wonder of William Coles writing is the magical quality other novels seem to lack. You don’t have to find value in the book, it finds you. The complexity of character interactions, abundance of universally applicable life lessons, and intensely emotional plot should make this book on the top of your To-Read List.