Review from Goodreads

Some books have a hypnotic effect, and they leave you in a state of haziness when you finish them. McDowell has been such a book for me.

It is a beautiful novel because it succeeds in creating endearing personalities.

William Coles has such a great organicness to his writing. I also love how all his characters have multiple levels, and they are at least somewhat visible to the reader. Not all people think the same way, respond the same way, have an answer to every situation that comes at them, or respond the same way every time something happens. Coles conveys this, makes it recognizable and known.

Anyway, I liked it, I can recommend it, and I continue to enjoy all Coles’ books I come across.

I couldn’t believe this was a work of fiction – it was too amazing to have been imagined. I’m going to read the author’s other books.