Review from Goodreads

This is one of the few books my husband ever recommended to me, and why I waited so long to read, it I do not know. I will start by saying I listened to the audio, and the narration was wonderful. I think that if reading it, there may have been parts that may have “bogged” me down a bit, but with the audio, it was not the case.

The lead character in this book makes many head-scratching life decisions, and there were times I felt uneasy about what was going on. Of course, the author knew where he was going, and I didn’t. I enjoyed how there were reactions to true life events woven into the plot of the story. It made a fictional character come alive by his reactions and life choices based on an event I remember.

If you already like William Coles, you’ll enjoy this book. The start hooked me in, and I thought it was a charming and creative story.

I don’t believe you are meant to truly understand the true power of some stories until you’ve reached the climax and the culmination of every event leading up to it. This is one of those stories. When you finish the book and take a moment to reflect, you realize how worth it the journey was.