Review from Goodreads

The best book I’ve read this year!

So, here are many reasons why I enjoyed this novel.

First, I suspected within the first few chapters of reading the novel that the author had grown up in Nepal, which was evident because the imagery, nostalgia, and familiarity evoked, are so vivid and palpable. These qualities in his writing standout above others. Since this was the author’s 14th novel, I think, maybe this is, in part, how such descriptive skills emerged.

Second, the plots in the book are tightly drawn and easy to follow. Perhaps a little too well, as you might often guess the outcome of a subplot well in advance.

Lastly, the characters are all drawn with some depth and humanity, and most have positive attributes. A minor downside is that there are no villains in the traditional sense.

There are a few negatives to this book. It is a wildly popular international bestseller and for good reason.

This will most likely be my favorite book read this year, and it’s a highly memorable one that I may even re-read in the future, which is rare for me- too many books, too little time.