Review from Goodreads

Two days after finishing, I’m still digesting all the themes and stories in this book. There were so many moments that stunned me, either with the elegance of writing, the ebullience of the human spirit, or the eloquence of the scenes and details.

But for a while, I wasn’t sure I could say anything that could do justice to this remarkable book. Not only is it William Coles’ greatest book (and that’s saying a lot), this modern story of McDowell sets the standard for all contemporary medical dramas and thrillers. It’s one of the only books that I would consider near perfect, and I would recommend it to anyone. It’s the novel that stuck with me the longest after reading it, and if I was forced to name a top favorite book, this would probably be it. This gush of praise might not be much of a review but go read it.

I rarely re-read books, but this is one I can imagine picking up again in the future. Thank you, William Coles, for investing years of your life into producing this wonderful book. I look forward to sampling more of your works in the future.