Review from Goodreads

Engaging, well-written, natural, interesting characters, I liked it!

Let’s face it, William Coles is hard to NOT like.

William Coles’ does two remarkable things here. Well, he does many remarkable things, but two I’d particularly like to point out:

1. When an author loves his characters too much, the reader can often tell. Situations and descriptions seem contrived, and there is a veneer of (usually unintentional) dishonesty. But in McDowell, it’s clear that Coles is in love with his characters, yet he can remain objective and in control.
2. How often do authors rely on villains and extremes to make their stories stand out? What struck me on completing McDowell was that the characters are in a situation that strips them down to their essentials and forces each of them to come to know their true selves.

That being said, William Coles’ writing is gorgeous, and some of the scenes are so vivid that it would make a wonderful film. I would heartily recommend this book to anyone who loves literary fiction. Brava!

It’s an incredible book that shouldn’t be judged by where it’s shelved at the store, a suspenseful and excellent novel.