Review from Goodreads

Extremely well-written. This author can do more for character development in one or two pages than others try in thirty. There was not one moment of let down or disbelief.

McDowell is an excellent story written by an excellent author! It’s a great psychological read too, at times you like the characters, other times you hate them, it makes you wonder who to side with, and also gives you the feeling of right and wrong.

I have recently read a comment about how many genre books are similar in style and content and have limited appeal outside a circle of dedicated fans. But that we also keep reading them, digging through the drudge in the hope that one day we will come across a true gem, a story so well-written and so moving, that it will transcend genre limitations and touch the core of our beings, of our beliefs, and our dreams. William Coles did this for me with “McDowell”, and I will go back to his other novels, hoping they are at least as good as the first one I tried.