Review from Goodreads

Stay With This One. It’s Worth It.

Do you know the feeling of spending a significant portion of time reading a rather long novel, and when you reach the conclusion, you are sad to say goodbye to the complex and interesting characters that inhabit the story? I experience this phenomenon with the occasional book. This is exactly how I felt about McDowell by William Coles.

This is the first book that I have read from this author, and I must say it was a good book.

The tone is almost astonishingly light. I can’t believe how quickly I read this book; in every crevice of time I could find. I basically got crabby with anything that got in the way of me, giving time to reading this. That’s maybe my favorite feeling as a reader; when I try and carve out an irrational five extra minutes to get to the next page.

For a novel where many incredible things happen both externally and personally, the entire book’s realness and believability is an astonishing feat. Each character is a knowable person, and each development straightforward.

I’m coming late to the table with this novel, and I can only echo the sentiments shared by many others. This book is fabulous, intelligent, thrilling, and riveting. It is a rare gem of literary genius.