Reviewed by Adanna Ora for Readers’ Favorite

During the Cold War and with the prospect of a nuclear attack, Miles Ballard, an American medical officer who also works in the army, travels to France for training. He is forced to work with an unreasonable and narrow-minded superior and serve as the general’s doctor, a role that other people avoid for strange reasons. He instantly makes friends with Oliver and Ingrid, who is Oliver’s wife. The biggest obstacle Miles faces is choosing between upholding 2 the army’s highly regarded hierarchy system and acting morally. Due to this ambivalence, he frequently gets into difficulty and finds himself in challenging circumstances. As if this weren’t enough, Miles begins to feel strongly attracted to Ingrid, the wife of his best friend, who appears to feel the same way. Read Williams H. Coles’ book, Tour of Duty, to learn more about Miles Ballard’s life.

Tour of Duty is a historical novel that depicts the bureaucratic nature of the American army, even in opposition to moral precepts, in the years following the Holocaust and during the Cold War. It also explores the protagonists’ passion for the arts, music, and religion. Themes in Tour of Duty include love, goodness, sacrifice, passion, pride, and regret. These themes significantly contribute to the lessons we learn in life. Tour of Duty teaches us how to handle challenging circumstances and never to lose who we are only to appease or impress others. Tour of Duty also addresses the negative aspects of families and how to spot manipulation. Toxicity in marriage is also very effectively illustrated. This is an excellent piece by William H. Coles.