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This book teaches a lot, but the most important lesson I learned is that everyone deserves a second chance. No one is irredeemable, no matter what the person might have done. In my opinion, the death of his second wife broke Hiram. He had dealt with too much, having lost his first wife already. His grief does not justify him not being present for his children when they are at their lowest. We are all different and deal with grief differently. The author showcases this through the characters of Hiram’s children, who all deal with their pain individually.
They all have interesting lives that are far from perfect. With Hiram constantly absent, they are forced to navigate the world without parental guidance. Hiram’s character lacks morality and uses people without caring about their emotions. He has to deal with the consequences of his cold-heartedness. In the end, his grief got the better of him. He was so stuck in the past that he failed to recognize what a great future he had ahead of him.

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