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McDowell is a story of about life and transformation. I think the great lesson in this book is that we are all capable of change. It is always a question of what factors are needed to start the ball rolling. This reconditioning is not easy. Hiram is a man twisted up in anger until he begins to meet people who show him a new perspective on life. As a character, he is brought out so well. An arrogant man who elicits feelings of loathing from the reader. From early in the book, Hiram is incapable of putting others before himself. As the story unravels, he becomes a man capable of risking his freedom to save someone else. This is a truly incredible story that is well paced. Despite the constant scene changes at the beginning, the storyline was easy to follow. The author does a great job in character development. I could connect with the main, as well as the minor characters. None of the characters felt like a prop. They all played a part in the overall development of the story.
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