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The characters were well-developed, for instance, Oliver, who the author described as his physical appearance. The description of his physical appearance created a mental image each time he appeared in the text, making the book enjoyable. The author made some emotional incidents to connect readers to the book; for instance, you could feel Emily’s pain when Miles refused to meet her after she traveled from the United States to see him. She explains how she never intended to hurt him. The book explains historical events during Cold War after World War II. The story was discussed when Ingrid and Alyce gathered information about what happened to Jews during that time.
I enjoyed every aspect of this book; hence, nothing to criticize. The book’s structure was great, enabling flow and easy reading.
I rate Tour of Duty by William H. Coles five out of five stars. The development of characters was exceptional, engaging the readers since they played their roles well. The author made the book lively by including emotion, making readers enjoy the story’s connection. It also used fictional characters to show Europe’s state after World War II. Read the entire review here…