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The book Tour of Duty is an intriguing book that immediately captures the reader’s attention. I loved how the author introduced the characters. I enjoyed the character development. It was interesting to see these characters grow in their various fields. He was able to bring out the unique personality in each of the characters introduced. I enjoyed the friendship formed between the characters, most especially the friendship between Miles and Ingrid. I loved how the author also showed some insights into French history and gave some descriptions of historical places in France. It was worth learning something new. I loved the author’s introduction of romance into the book, most especially the love story between Miles and his former girlfriend Emily and his view on marriage, with the emphasis he laid on the negative side of marriage.
I read every part of this book, and I just could not find anything to dislike about it. William H. Coles gave a comprehensive description of the interactions between the characters, making it simple and enjoyable to read. I enjoyed how the author addressed real-life issues that happen in a society like racism, rape, and suicide, their effects, and how a single person could cause a significant change. I enjoyed how the author pointed out the love and care most doctors in the book have for their patients.
The book Tour of Duty by William H. Coles was written to perfection. It was exceptionally well edited. It was compelling to read, with nonstop excitement and drama. I would rate it 5 out of 5 stars because it inspired me to continually stand up for my principles and fight for what I believe in.
I would highly recommend the book to audiences who enjoy reading books on historical fiction with a bit of romance.

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