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When I first started reading this book, I had no idea that it would have a compelling story and provide me with a wealth of knowledge. Because this book is applicable in every way, I was able to learn so many medical industry secrets from it. I was able to learn about the risks associated with betrayal from McDowell’s life. Above all, this book showed me that a guy might be cruel and self-centered, but he can also have love for his family, as Hiram did. Considering how self-centered he was, his love for his kids was quite apparent.
Every true reader would agree with me that the plot of this book is one of its strongest selling points. It would be wrong to not give the author credit for a job well done given how intriguing and bizarre the plot is. Another aspect of the book that piqued my interest was how well the author handled character development. Another feature of this work that merits attention is the writing style, which gave it a unique voice.
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