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I had never realized the importance of a word choice in stories before reading this. Characterization, starting from the name of the character, is also something that holds significance in causing an impact on the reader. William Coles did an excellent job to help writers improve!
What I liked most about the book was how straight-forward and honest the advice was. The author did not miss a beat to talk about what will be the downfall of a writer. I also liked that he mentioned humour and how it can be tough to please every reader. The appendix of the book includes the motivation and desire a writer should have to write a successful story. Getting the message across is harder than it looks!
There was nothing to dislike about this work. The author empathized with the writers and has explained the contents of literary fiction from the reader’s side as well. I only spotted one grammatical error, which caused no hindrance to my reading experience.
I rate this work 4 out of 4 stars as it met my expectations and went above them as well. I will definitely be coming back to it every time I want to improve my writing. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in writing literary fiction!
interested in romance and history. I will also recommend it to people who are interested in themes like war.

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