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The McDowell by William H. Coles is a beautiful novel. The story revolves around a doctor; Hiram McDowell, his family and the people associated with him. Through this book, the author has unearthed many hidden realities of the medical profession; some positive and some negative. McDowell is a philanthropist and at the same time a man void of moral compass. William H. Coles’ view of McDowell’s character makes the reader to ponder over the importance of morality in the medical profession and its lacking- the lust for fame, money and sex- ultimately ruins not only a doctor but also his family.

Hiram McDowell is a renowned doctor, apparently known for his philanthropist tasks and climbing the high mountains. In Nepal, he establishes a charity foundation (hospital) and time to time go for climbing the towering mountains. His appetite for fame compels him to deceive his colleague to become the president of International College of Surgeons. His family is too unhappy with him. He has three children: Ann, Sophie and Billie. He deceives his third wife and his disrespectful behavior prepares her to detach herself from him. The illicit child of Billie also becomes a source of trouble for both.
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