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The positive aspects of this book are quite glaring and sobering. You get to discover truths about our society and the reality we wake up to each day and how everyone else fares in it. We get to see people’s responses to norms and values, their perception of love and fulfillment and the never ending quest for happiness. We are made to see the resignation to a life we feel we can do so little to change towards the end of our journey and the regrets that so well plague us. Reality is placed side by side with truth and it has us open to the possibility that we can find comfort in the end only if we do not hold back from taking the necessary steps to discovering ourselves as individuals first and subsequently as part of a system. One is given the boldness he might need to step away from the norm for a brief moment can consider what lies ahead and how he fits into it, such discovery helping to create fulfillment and inspiration filled with excitement towards what lies ahead. Satisfying and keeps one earnestly waiting with expectations of what might be.
The negative aspects were non-existent for me. The author never put a foot wrong and all that was shown was a reflection of life as it truly is; the expected, the unexpected, reality and desire. There was no painting of fantasy for reality of any sort and everything written was relatable.
I will be rating this book 4 out of 4 because unlike most books, this here is a work that portrays the challenges individuals face fitting into the society, the problem with hierarchy and the never ending choices we have to make bearing in mind life, love and duty. A very sobering work, we are left asking ourselves that next and if everything truly is worth it, the sacrifice, the pain, the people and especially how we feel.
I would recommend this book to lovers of adventure, love, life, those with an interest in military and wars and to everyone who wants to get a glimpse of how life can be.

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