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Every short story I read was simply relatable, which was my number one monumental positive aspect about the book. The author seems to possess a skill to assessing the status-core of today’s norm and depict it in stories. Once again, recalling from the story of the gift, Catherine’s parent seems to fail to understand that premarital sex is a thing of the past. Instead of counselling her and cautioning her about life at large, they just throw her into a hard place and a rock. Secondly, I also loved the collection of short, which were brief and straight to the point. Instead of exponential chapters, I, as the reader, got the liberty to soothe myself in a paradise of fiction. Nothing instills vulnerable lessons and refreshes the mind like having different pieces of manuscript of the same theme. A personal applaud to the author for a marvelous job done.
I sincerely had no negative aspect about the book, this was a masterpiece in its truest form, undoubtedly. I also have to mention the effortless flow I encountered while reading the book, which is all thanks to careful grammatical editing down to detail.
Furthermore, I, therefore, rate this book, a perfect 4 out of 4 stars for a one of kind picture perfect fictional stories.

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