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I can’t find anything I didn’t like in the book. On the contrary, there are many aspects I liked. I liked how the book depicted the atmosphere of the 1960; its greyness was felt throughout the pages. I felt I was there with them, in the middle of rubbles, demolished houses and curvy, muddy roads. The dialogues were written in the manner of that time. Their choices of action were like signposts leading me to that era of a cold after war period. Also, I enjoyed guessing about the character’s way of thinking, their choices of action.
I rate Tour of Duty by William H. Coles 5 out 5 stars , thanks to its educational and historical value. I do believe that a book should teach people to become better, and this book serves the purpose and warns everyone who we are and who we can turn into if the past is erased from our memory. I would like to stress on this point, that I am not for resurfacing the horrible events that happened to millions of innocent people, but I am for the ‘keeping fingers on the pulse,’ and warn, warn everyone of the ramification of neglect. Read the entire review here…