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Inside the book, there are four things that I like. These are the definitions, examples, summaries, and the whys, like “why literary stories fail.” Every chapter starts with the definitions of literary words. These terms are operationally defined as to what their functions in the story that the writers are creating. As an experienced writer Mr. Cole is, I love using different classic stories in his examples. His examples are diverse from fairy tales-to Shakespeare’s classic and down to the Hamilton, even the superheroes. He delivered many twists, like how a struggling writer sees some writing perspectives by giving compelling examples.
Overall, I am rating this book 4 stars out of 4 for this is essential for teachers, teenagers, aspiring writers, and authors to have. With all the emerging books about writing, that all are saying that the best way to write is to write it; but this book is a gem that gives different tips on how and what to write. Read the entire review here…