Viva Marina


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Most of the stories in this book are exceptionally beautiful, unique, and come from different topics. Reading this book was a very interesting and exciting experience. Each ending is satisfying, even though most of them are sad and mysterious. At the end of my reading, I wondered which chapter was my favorite, and I had a hard time picking one. However, one of my favorite chapters is “The Wreck of the Amtrak’s Silver Service.” The best paragraph of it is, “Heinrick saw Agnes, her face pulsing red, then white. From the blaze of the crossing lights. She sat motionless, and he was sure she still smiled. He pulsed with anger.” I love that part because it implies strength, braveness, and power in women. Agnes is a powerful and sweet character created by William H. Cole that represents female empowerment.In general, this book feels magical.
I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. Every story is brilliant, unusual, and fascinating, but still has a realistic touch to it. I call it realistic because the settings and characters are things that I can find in reality.

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