Akshada Joshi

Review from OnlineBookClub.org
I would start by complimenting the author on the amazing skills he showed in this book. Every character was fleshed out so beautifully that you feel every emotion that the character feels at any given point in his or her story. No character felt out of place or two-dimensional, no matter how minor their role may be in the story. The author’s experience with the human psyche can be seen through every story. The fluid language made reading it a delight. The easy transition from the lingual habits of one region to another was effortless.
The plots of all the stories felt completely different and held zero resemblance to each other. William H. Coles has mastered the ability to show a character’s entire emotional and mental range in a few pages and the art of ending the story on an extremely satisfying point. Many of the stories didn’t exactly have an happy ending, some were downright depressing, but their beauty lies in the fact that no matter what the ending was, it felt fully justified and didn’t leave space for doubt.
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