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At the beginning of this story, I never had an idea that it would end the way it did. This explains the mastery behind William H. Coles writing.
This story is extraordinary in many ways. The writer knows how to hold the audience in suspense, no matter how hard I tried to guess, the story was not predictable. For the character development, the characters true colors are gradually brought out and we get to understand why some of the characters are the way they are. William uses vivid descriptions to explain his thoughts. When I was reading the book, I often found myself thinking out loud mostly in disgust; some characters were too disturbing for me, Hower being one of them. Elizabeth turns out to be my favorite character, she is the voice of reason in the family, and she makes us see how wisdom is better than just being smart and beautiful. The book tackles themes such as love, divorce, betrayal, religion and pain.
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