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Mike Boudreaux is a respected New Orleans surgeon and is also the chief of surgery. Clayton Otherson is his friend and mentor. Clayton Otherson is one of the surgeons who help in the delivery of quality healthcare to his clients. Otherson performs life-threating operations on obese patients. He is the kind of surgeon who does not accept criticisms from his colleague surgeons. Therefore the chief of surgery together with the other members called Otherson to advise him, but he does not take their advice. Mike complicates the situation by falling in love with the wife of Clayton.
The book is very inspiring to read and follow without stopping. The characters and chapters are properly fixed that drive the reader to concentrate on the book. The story too is very intriguing to me when I observed it was about a group of surgeons and the welfare of their clients. It was clear to me because I know the author is a surgeon.

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