Bushra Nasim

Review from OnlineBookClub.org
As it is a short story collection so it is a cocktail of diverse stories, each having its own essence. From the tales of a dwarf to the account of the dead, a fiction fanatic can find every flavor in it. For an instance the gift revolves around the story of three generations: grandmother, mother and daughter who have their own perspective of seeing this world. Homunculus portrays the life of a dwarf working for a circus and her struggle to find her true love. Reddog is an account of a criminal’s sense of guilt after committing a crime. Speaking of the dead makes you believe that sometimes forgiveness is the only option and moving on is never a wrong idea. The novella “sister Carrie” is a story of two sisters, Jassie the elder one and Carrie the youngest. Carrie marries a Muslim named Zamel against her sister’s wish. I loved the way how the author unfolded the story and showed another side of the picture. Stereotypes are not always true and this is what the main idea of this story is. In a nutshell, this book offers a wide variety of literature to the reader.
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