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McDowell tells a powerful story about fixing past mistakes and changing into a better person. This book carried a strong message in a fast-paced and thrilling story. I loved several parts of this McDowell, such as the brilliant characters and a strong plot. Every character had a unique personality and complimented the storyline. Additionally, the story was always moving forward and I never felt bored while reading. I especially enjoyed the way William H. Coles was able to weave so many emotions and thoughts into McDowell. In this book, I was able to feel sad, happy, angry, and touched. For example, I felt upset and angry when McDowell mistreated his wife, friends, and co-workers on his journey to power. But when McDowell repents for his actions, I was able to feel happy and glad for him. McDowell delivered a stirring and poignant story that I really enjoyed every part of the way.
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