Deborah Lloyd

The charming city of New Orleans as well as a varied cast of interesting characters are the main components of this intriguing novel. Mike Boudreaux has been the Chief of Surgery for four years, and he is faced with the challenging task of dealing with his favored professor and mentor, Clayton Otherson. Dr. Otherson is performing many unnecessary and dangerous surgeries for obese people, and his declining abilities have resulted in physical damage in several cases. How the hospital staff should deal with this results in conflict. Mike’s relationship with Rosemary Dayside has ended, and a physical attraction to Clayton’s wife, Catherine, has blossomed. Clayton and Catherine’s daughter also become entangled in her parents’ troubled marriage, and in her mother’s new relationship. In The Surgeon’s Wife by William H. Coles, the professional and personal lives of Mike and Clayton collide, and how it will end remains a mystery until the last chapter.

One of the most fascinating aspects of this story is the hierarchy that exists in surgical departments in large teaching hospitals. Additionally, the societal structure within the wealthier classes of New Orleans is also revealed, within the context of a compelling story. Author William H. Coles has written an engaging novel, encompassing several main themes. Mr. Coles’ writing style is concise and easy to follow. The drawings that appear on the cover and at the beginning of each section are as intriguing as the plot. Not only do they capture the essence of the book, they also capture the essence of New Orleans. This novel is certainly an enjoyable read!