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ILLUSTRATED SHORT FICTION of William H. Coles, 2000 – 2016 might best be described as an illustrated collection of ‘experiences’ (rather than merely stories), told through often-poignant slices of life. He does that. As a writer William H. Coles is not limited in his portrayal of the human animal and that inherent Ying-Yang element within us all; and in that grasp of life he presumably possesses (along with probably astute research) he—in this collection—becomes that unique antenna above this melting-pot society in which we live. Coles is a superb weaver of words—a writer that settles you down to look beyond a character’s façade and into that character’s anguish or joy or longing and does it while quenching any thirsting for expressive prose interspersed with piercing in detail. In this collection, the author opens the raw guts of the human to us. He does this through his exemplary plotting along with his incisive crafting of characters. The writing in this collection is just spectacular.
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