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Bored with the romance novel clichés and searching for something new then you are on the right place. The Surgeon’s wife, a romance novel written by William H. Coles, will bring you a whole new world, a world that you will never want to leave. To be honest, once I read Coles name on a novel, I read it immediately. He is a talented creative writer. His novels are always with universal messages, for they usually criticize and analyze the human nature. Briefly, these novels will change you, making you view life in a different way.
I give this book 4 out of 4 stars, since it is a hard-to-put novel. It is a romantic novel with a tragic ending and you can also find some elements of suspense. It is the kind of novel that I adore, the one that not only stimulate your emotions but also arouses new ones. As usual, there is no happy ending with William Coles. It is actually a heart-breaking novel. You will also enjoy many plot twists and many surprises that would blow your mind. I promise, Once you read a book by Coles, you will get addicted to his work.
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