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This book is skillfully written and constructed. William Coles seems to have done many researches in the medical, legal, and religious fields to come up with this brilliant book. In The Spirit of Want, you will find a vivid picture of reality. By using action verbs and powerful adjectives, Coles manages to successfully deliver his story to the reader. Although the mood of the novel is serious and tense, the writer uses some literal devices which adds a touch of beauty on it. The writer was successful in choosing The Spirit of Want as the tittle of the novel, since want and desire control all the characters of the novel. Lucy, Luke, Elizabeth, and even A.J. are all led by their want and desire, each in a different way.
This book deserves 4 out of 4 stars. It is a hard-to-put novel. You can feel the efforts that Coles has exerted to come up with this novel from the first page. It is a book that deserves to be remembered. You will experience many different feelings while reading it.
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