Ijeoma Kikelomo


Review from OnlineBookClub.org
I was especially impressed by the amount of research that has obviously gone into writing this book. The wealth of knowledge and really technical information on the gastric bypass and the administrative organization of hospitals. I found it quite informative to know of various committees and the check and balance strategies set up to closely monitor surgeons for any excesses. I actually realised the many more things that take place in hospitals, other than the care they give to patients.
I really enjoyed the story development. Divided into three parts, the book is made up of beautifully varying characters and quite a number of themes. There is that of love, romance, child abuse, arranged marriages, broken homes, forgiveness, to name a few. Just when I thought I knew what the book was about, the author would introduce another theme. The story has an easy flow, spiced with unexpected turns and surprises that are guaranteed to keep the reader’s interest fully locked in.
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