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I liked that the book highlights and illustrates the egos of doctors as well as their professionalism. The author shows all of the tensions of a hospital that needs to make money and at the same time monitor their physicians and staff. In this story, mistakes are tolerated by colleagues and excuses are made. Dr. Mike Bordreaux is a part of this system and his loyalty to his mentor is very strong. How he works this out professionally and personally is interesting and held my attention to the end. One of my reactions to reading this book was that I found myself frustrated with the main character (Mike) because I wanted him to be stronger and more principled as a surgeon. Of course, then the story wouldn’t have been as interesting or as complex.
I recommend this book to those who just enjoy a good story. It has a very surprising ending. It is one of those books that you want to finish reading. I put off starting dinner for over an hour so that I could finish the book.
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