Mamta Madhavan


Review from Readers’ Favorite FIVE STARS
Creating Literary Stories: A Fiction Writer’s Guide by William H. Coles is a handy tool for all those writers who want to embark on fiction writing because of the detailed information it gives when it comes to writing fiction. Writers must always have a clear idea of what words mean when it comes to successfully narrating a story in fiction The author discusses the three POVs (points of view) from which one can deliver a story; the ‘I’ approach, the ‘you’ and ‘we’ approach, and the ‘he’ and ‘she’ approach. This book is a good guide to understanding the complexities of narration and developing narrative skills through practice, and that is a good way to start on the path to great storytelling.
Creating Literary Stories is informative and helpful, and William H. Coles has a unique approach that is fresh and interesting. The author tackles the subject methodically and extensively, making it easy for writers to use his tips and suggestions when deciding to write a book and also as they go through the actual process of writing. The telling of fiction stories can often be ruined by bad writing but reading this book is a good way to help writers construct their stories carefully. The author also gives details that will create images and ideas in the minds of readers. For all those who are interested in writing a book, Creating Literary Stories will be of great help when it comes to creating memorable stories with great characters.