Maria Dimitrova


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The book grabbed me from the beginning. In fact, this is exactly what happens in many of the stories – the story of the main action begins from the first sentence, without wasting time. There are not many unnecessary descriptions and events that can distract the reader from the mainline of action. Another thing that was repeated throughout the book was that the end of many of the stories remained open, and although some things along the way were explained, there was still plenty of room to interpret what had happened. This is something that I personally really liked, but it does not apply to every reader. Many of the stories were dark. In fact, part of all of them were like that. There is talk of morals and humanity. How far can one go to achieve what he wants? The characters were very different and placed in interesting and unique situations. Sometimes there was a clear distinction between what was considered “good” and “bad,” but for the most part, it was absent or very slight, almost imperceptible. I liked this a lot because it allowed me to decide for myself whether something was right or not and whether I could even define it as something that corresponded to only one of the words.
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