Maureen Dangarembizi


Review from Readers’ Favorite FIVE STARS
Spirit Of Want by William H. Coles is contemporary adult fiction. Lucy MacMeil is a bitter woman who feels unwanted by her adoptive family. On the surface, she seems to be a happy, successful lawyer but that could not be further from the truth. A chance encounter and a terrible car crash expose the McMeil family for what they truly are to Luke Osbourne. To Luke, Lucy’s nasty behavior can be explained away by a bad day and hard liquor. It’s only when he marries her that he discovers the rotten core hiding underneath the beautiful exterior. Lucy is as selfish and conniving as they come but can love change all that?

Lucy MacMeil is one of the most detestable characters I have ever read in a book. Don’t get me wrong – Spirit Of Want is a highly interesting tale. It goes down into the deepest, darkest place in a human and exposes the result in this amazing story. There is so much to this story like corruption, greed, and deception, to name but a few themes. William H. Coles takes the reader on a journey of discovery. In this case, he showed me how bad a corrupt lawyer, doctor, and preacher can be. It feels too real to be fiction at times. I felt like it was something I might have come across somewhere but never quite realized how deep the rot went. Lucy’s story has many lessons but Luke’s story had the brightest spots because he never stopped looking for the positive things in his life.

I listened to this book in audio and it was really emotive and clearly read. The narrator, William H. Coles, brought out the characters and made every scene come alive. I especially loved Lucy’s voice intonation where her arrogance came out loud and clear. The characters were easy to identify and the mood was set up well in each scene.