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I liked the buildup of the storyline, the more I read it the more I was attracted and entertained by the novel, this made it easier to concentrate and enjoy the novel. The characters are well developed all-round, especially the main characters, he (the author) breathed life into the characters making them seem real and alive, this strengthened the relationship between the story and me. The plot is well choreographed to accommodate a lot of issues and storylines without necessarily overwhelming plot; this made the flow of the story seamless and accommodating. The author sights great reference from around different fields and places, I am from Kenya and was shocked when the author made a correct and precise reference to an event that happens in Kenya. The author incorporated a great sense of humour in the story, even the most evil character like Clayton was hilarious and funny to read, this worked well in keeping me relaxed and entertained. Lastly, the emotional aspect of the story was very strong and almost tangible; I cried and laughed many times throughout the course of reading the story.
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