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Coles showed a mastery in his writing. The way he presented the twisted mind of Clayton, made me laugh. Many great themes were put forward in the story. Family wealth played a role in shaping the characters in the story. Clayton came from a family of affluence. His arrogance came partly from knowing he was the son of somebody and his experience in surgery. His wealth also spoke for him even when he was not there. There is a motif of sexism in the novel. The surgeons hardly agreed on an issue raised by a female surgeon. This helped to elongate the story. How? If the surgeons have agreed outrightly when one of the surgeons made a strong case about the success of Clayton’s surgery, Clayton’s character would have been very brief.
The writer is a seasoned writer especially when it comes to stories about doctors and health. He is versatile with medical terms and used them liberally in the book. I noticed slight errors in the book. I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. It is a thriller, full of suspense and will surely appeal to people who love doctor stories and tragic stories.
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