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The wonderful thing about this book is that this did not just happen with one story, or just a few of them. It’s a constant throughout the collection. Some of the stories are more fleshed out, some are actually very good and would stand on their own even with less interesting characters. Some actually feel too short and a bit incomplete. But what we always have here is superb character development.
Characters never exist in a vacuum, though, and the reason they are so memorable is that the relationships among them are drawn with a lot of honesty, insight and an unflinching look, even at awkward and strange moments. So is the author’s take on the subject matters he deals with, which are varied and encompass different historical periods, places and socioeconomic groups. It doesn’t matter if the story is, ultimately, uplifting and joyful, or if it’s sad, gruesome or bleak: Coles will stay with the characters and follow them along, showing us what they do, feel and think. We may not always like what we see, and we may find ourselves mentally arguing with them. But, after all, what better feeling is there than that?
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