Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite


Illustrated Short Fiction of William H. Coles: 2000 – 2016 is a collection of award-winning and highly engaging fictional works by author William H Coles. Spanning over four hundred pages, this lengthy collection collates 33 short stories, two graphic novel adaptations, and a novella, along with numerous illustrations by a variety of artistic and graphic designers. The stories span a wide variety of genres, from thrillers and adventure tales to harrowing personal drama and the speculative, with plenty of character-driven action and unusual happenings to keep readers turning the pages. Whatever the case, lessons about human nature and human behavior are always at the epicenter of each compelling tale.

Readers seeking a varied and engaging collection to dip in and out of need look no further than the work of William H. Coles. Coles runs the full gamut of human emotions throughout the pages of these collected works, writing with expressive prose and close narration that keeps us near to the authentic presentation of each of his characters. I particularly enjoyed the sensitivity and inclusiveness that the author gives to issues such as disability, human rights, prejudice, immigration, and psychological disorders, proving that all different types of people have stories to tell and demons to face. From historical tales to modern-day racial tensions, the short stories read almost like modern fairy tales, delivering morality messages through the struggles which the characters endure. Overall, Illustrated Short Fiction of William H Coles: 2000 – 2016 is a well-organized selection of literary treats for multi-genre readers to discover and enjoy.