Reviewed By Tracy Young for Readers’ Favorite


The Spirit of Want by William H. Coles tells the story of the MacMeil family and how they affect the people they meet. A.J. is a patriarch and gifted surgeon, his wife Agnes is his faithful companion and they have two daughters. Lucy is a Puerto Rican beauty who was adopted before they had their other daughter, Elizabeth. Luke Osbourne works for A.J. and has met the family briefly but finds himself accepting a lift from Lucy under difficult circumstances. Luke finds himself embroiled in the MacMeil family ethos and the drama that ensues. Lucy finds herself drawn to a client, an enigmatic TV evangelist, who is facing charges of underage sex with a young girl, and forgets the commitments she has made to Luke and her family. Traveling to Africa, she abandons everything to be with Hower Bain, her former client, and only escapes when illness forces her to leave. Lucy returns to the US and is forced to work as an aide to a Congresswoman who is incompetent and unfit for the position she seeks. Will she find happiness with Bain as he returns to the US or will it all end in tears?

This is a great read. The MacMeil family is a fascinating mix of characters that will keep you guessing to the last page. This story runs the full gamut of human emotions and will have you burning the midnight oil as you read just one more chapter. Adoption and parenthood, marriage and sibling relationships are all examined and uncovered; raw human emotion at its very best. Lucy is a fascinating character who will take you on a journey as you decide if you love her or hate her, but one thing is sure, you will never forget her. The Spirit of Want is an amazing saga and William H. Coles is an amazing storyteller.