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None of the characters and the storyline is alike in the entire book. The heterogeneity of the characters, plots, sets, and the scenes in this book make the reading enjoyable. I planned to read two tales a day, but ended up reading 3-4 at a stretch. These stories are not interconnected; hence absolutely no need to read them at a stretch. It was my undisturbed curiosity that made me read longer in a single sitting.
Most of these stories begin with an illustration or two. They support the storyline and make the reading delightful. My favourite stories are, ‘The Gift’, ‘Speaking of the Dead’, ‘The Indelible Myth’, ‘The Necklace’, ‘The Amish Girl’, ‘The Cart Boy’, ‘The Activist’, and ‘The Thirteen Nudes of Earnest Goings’, to name a few.
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