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Clear your diaries! Clear your schedules! And cancel all social plans. Because once you start reading The Spirit of Want by William H. Coles, you won’t be able to stop. Set in 1980s Atlanta, the story follows the romantic trials and tribulations of the beautiful, but oh- so exhaustingly difficult, Lucy MacMiel. On the surface, she is the quintessentially fierce career woman who has it all. She has the looks, the brains, the marriage and her own little family. So, what is the problem? Surely, that is the ultimate goal for most people. Well, Lucy MacMiel is not most people. Unsatisfied with her life and blinded by the influential charms of Hower Bain, a TV – evangelist accused of child molestation, she flees to Africa to start a new life with him. Suddenly, the cracks begin to show as she questions her new lover’s true motives and his true character. Feeling deeply embarrassed and ashamed, Lucy heads back to Atlanta with hopes she can rebuild her career and gain back the trust of the family she left behind. Let me say this, I devoured this book in 3 days flat! I only had to ready the opening lines of the book’s description and I knew I was in for a real treat. Addictive is the best word I can use to describe this remarkable piece of work.
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