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If fiction could always feel so real and relatable, I think I would be lost in imaginations. Illustrated Short Fiction of William H. Coles: 2000-2016 by William H. Coles is a compilation of short stories that will blow your mind. You may think my opinion is biased because I love Coles’ work but seriously…from 30+ tales with multiple characters, you can get parts you relate to. Well, I get that you won’t like reading the whole book only to enjoy few instances so let’s get to what the book is really like.
The book is a collection of thirty-three short stories, two graphic novels, and a novella. The stories were short and with lots of suspense. The author takes you through the thought process of a character in such a powerful way that the suspense at the end wouldn’t matter because by then you’d feel like a ”know it all”. At the beginning of each story, illustrations by different artists (mainly Peter Healy), give a visual explanation of the whole story. Coles takes a reader through a never-ending study of human nature through his diverse and deep characters.
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