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This book lists the key constituents that set literary fiction apart from other genres. Chapter by chapter, the author breaks down these important components and goes into depth describing each one in detail. I like how the author found ways of giving examples so that the book content would be easily understood. First of all, the new terms introduced in each chapter were listed and defined to clear any doubts before further reading the chapter. Second, I loved how the author takes one particular paragraph or dialogue from a literary piece and changes the structure over and over again to use as an example so that the reader can perceive with more clarity the different styles and characteristics used in literary fiction whilst at same time showing the reader what works and what doesn’t . Third, the use of similes and comparisons simplified the understanding because the reader is able to look at things from a different perspective. Fourth of all, I like how the author included a revision chapter (at the end) in the form of questions to aid the literary fiction writer in assuring they have covered all contents in their finished piece.
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