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Asides from the art, the stories were highly imaginative and skillfully told. After reading the book, I sort of felt star struck and I’m thinking I ought to re-learn my talents at writing or drawing even. Sincerely speaking, his work did move me so. A few stories like ‘The Stonecutter’, ‘The miracle of Madame Villard’ and ‘Big Gene’ had quite some expedient historical references. As such it is kudos to William for not making these same stories feel like they were dusted up and recycled. Other stories like ‘The Bear’, ‘Gatemouth Willie Brown on Guitar’ and ‘Dilemma’ were short and sweet. There were heart wrenching ones mostly as were heartwarming stories too. Sister Carrie, which was the concluding novella, managed to touch me well enough to leave me with a sense of feeling for humanity. Accordingly, people are ultimately human irrespective of their foregoing agenda.
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